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She caressed her legs and hips, and up to her abdomen for a bit before bringing it up to her tits. Nick's cock was completely stiff. At that moment,...he could've driven in a nail using his cock as a hammer.As he started grabbing and squeezing her tits, enjoying the feel of her little nipples in his hand, Jenn reached behind her and grabbed his cock over his shorts. She could not believe how hard it felt. She and her girlfriends had talked about it, but she never really knew exactly how hard. ? He pinched my lower lip. ?These lips will be used for kissing anything I want them to, they will not bitch or complain, they will not speak, they will not dissapoint. They will be used for pleasuring me. Now stick out your tongue.? I quickly did so. ?this tongue will be used to lick anything I want it to, please whatever I want it to, taste what I want it to.? He let go and squeezed my cheeks together. ?this mouth will be used to please me in whatever I wish, it will eat. Unknown to me my reputation was well known at the school and some one had sent my cousin a message telling her and her family I no longer needed them. I entered the locker room to find only a couple of the home team there and was directed to the showers and to a locker I could place my clothes. I entered the shower area and was surprised to find a hulk of a guy there. I almost turned about and leave except that he turned and smiled at me and said '...come on in, there's room enough for the. P) rhta hu. M b.Com ka student hu and mere dad ka business dkhta hu. Friends yeh meri frst stry hai agr kch bhi glti ho to plz mjhe maaf krna and plz mjhe feedback zaroor dena mera email adrs hai lets come to the story.Yeh story aaj s 2-3 saal purani hai. Mene jesa ki apko btaya me mere dad ka business dkhta hu meri hmari shp new market m hai and new mrkt monday ko off rhta hai to ese he ek mondy apne frnds k sth ghum rha tha m hm teen frnds the mjhe milla kr and m ghum ghum kr bore ho gye the.

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