So of course i accepted. Before i left i shaved my balls so i wouldnt leave pubic hairs in her bed, and i packed some rufees in my bag. The plan which...i executed perfectly was to spike her drink with a rufee. The rufee knocked her out almost instantly. So i set up my video camera next to her bed and layed her on the bed on top of a sheet i also brought. I undressed immediatly my cock already erected. Then i hovored over her and started to kiss her neck. Then i slowly worked my way down. " I'm very serious, Simon." She took my hands in hers. "I'd enjoy spending the night with you."Why?Am I some kind of idiot? A staggeringly beautiful woman wants to spend the night with me and my reaction is to look around for the candid camera. It didn't matter anyway. Even if my radar had not been engaged, there was a predetermined resolution to this invitation. "I'm attracted to you too, Sandy. Hell, so is every man in the room and probably quite a few of the women. But I'm married." I know.. “I do… I want it so much…” Rachel moaned lustily. “Oh that doesn’t sound sincere enough,” Chris chided her, “you can do so much better. I want you to beg for it.” “Please… Please push your hard cock into me…” Rachel begged, surprising herself with the readiness of her words. “Better, but not nearly good enough,” Chris said, “I want to know how badly you want it, I want you to tell me who you are.” “Fuck,” Rachel moaned, “please let me have your gorgeous cock, I’m aching for it, I need it in me…. Max's master tried to get it away from him, but he was facing me. Then I realized what he had.Oh, hell no!He was working on Harper's panties. I put my hand out."Drop it!" I ordered.Max stopped chewing and looked at me with those big sad eyes only a dog can have. Then his tail wagged twice, and he started chewing again. My dad was much better at getting dogs to mind. I saw corner of the panties stick out the side of his mouth and I grabbed it. I almost had it snaked out of his mouth when he.

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