So, I said first you should know basics like what is a break, what is an accelerator etc but we didn’t have a scooter as I had a bullet. And in offi...e work, I had to travel to a foreign nation at the same time by that time we had become very very close.I flew abroad and still, we kept texting and I was just describing her the beauty of the place where I was and I said she should have been here to see this place and enjoy. For that, she said what would you do if she was here. I said we get. Sayli ji ne mujhse request ki, ke me mohini ji ki pyaas bujha du, wo mohini ji ko convence karegi. Unhone ye bhi kaha ki next day ko morning ten ko unke ghar aajana karke. Mene ok bol diya. Aur apne room me wapas aa gaya.Next day jaisa fix hua tha me thik ten baje sayli ji ke ghar pohoch gaya. Sayli ji just naha ke aayi thi. Mere pass aakar unhone mujhe chumna and smootch wagaire suru kar diya. Me samajh gaya ki sayli ji aaj pure josh me he. Me bhi men hu friends. Ek baar agar apna sipahi. This is also part of his agreement. As I approach him he swings the chair slightly to one side and spreads his legs. He never takes his eyes off the computer screen. I unzip my pants and take out my rock hard cock. Then I kneel between his legs. When I do, he removes his right hand from his cock for the first time since I’ve arrived.I start by kissing his balls. I love the feel of the hair against my chin and nose and lips. I’m glad he keeps his balls as hairy as he does. After licking his nuts. He planted small kisses on my forehead and throat, murmuring how hot our fuck was. "Wow baby I've never come like the way you made me. You're so good, so sexy," He murmured, he started softly rubbing my clit. "I wanna throw you on that bed and fuck you from all directions until you come again and again on my giant cock, screaming my name. I wanna see your pussy juices leaking down your sexy legs for me to lick up. I wanna make you scream in pure ecstasy until there's no more cum to come out of.

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