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For once, Kathy was quiet and subdued as we said goodnight outside of the dining room as she solemnly shook hands with Penny and Peter, and my heart w...nt out to this diminutive person next to me that was holding my hand. ‘I hope that I can be as good a teacher as you two are and I will have you to thank if can be.’ It was such a contrast for this demure creature by my side to say this with such a straight face. They wished us goodnight as they went off to their rooms and I took Kathy along to. I tend to analyze everything before I say it.Miss Muller was an attractive lady. And when I say, “lady”, I’m talking about someone maybe 23 years old? She was fairly young in any case, with shoulder-length blond hair and a trim figure that made sense for cheerleading. Her boobs were about average, I’d say, or even less, but she had a really tight butt. And her legs, which I couldn’t see on account of her jeans, I knew to be spectacular.We walked into her apartment and she locked the door behind. But that is a story for another day.Jess brought Emma through her own apartment; Emma didn’t resist or question anything. This time, Jess noticed a snoring sound. Looking around, she saw a pug (with a full belly) sleeping on Emma’s couch. She didn’t think Emma had any pets. She was about to ask about him, then realized she had more pressing things to deal with so she opted to get the details on him later.Brent was still on the bed, covering his crotch with the same pillow he had been when Jess. I journeyed back to the bathroom and started the water to flowing. Taking off the string pants that I sleep in, my cock arched away from my slim frame, steadily growing longer and thicker. It knew what was coming. I have to empty my balls three or four times a day, otherwise I walk around with a constant, painful hard-on. And I usually start the day with a hand job in the shower. I lathered up and while I let the warm water rinse off the soap, my thoughts went back a week to when I was taking a.

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