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He used to like to watch his mother get her hair done butnow it wasn?t as fun.Carol was now pulling wispy petal curls up and out of the teased basewit... a small hair pick, she was getting incredible height and Billycould hardly believe how big her hair was. Bonnie?s hair was starting tolook the way it always did with soft curls folded over soft curls,delicate feminine curls teased and rounded and sprayed into place withendless amounts of hair spray. The sides and back puffy and gentlytucked. Theo spread Kasey's legs and that’s when he noticed that Kasey still had her hymen. Theo immediately stopped and apologized to Kasey and then slipped off to confront Ray about what had just happened. Theo told Raymond he needed to take care of Kasey’s virginity situation or the business deal was off and that Raymond would not be allowed to have any his daughters.Ray realized the implications of not solidifying this deal. Raymond then concocted some bullshit story and convinced his daughters to. But he had lots of other things in mind first as I was about to enjoy and he really went to town licking and sucking my ass with a liberal squirt of cream from a can. OMG! It was so wonderful. I felt the true need for all that he could offer and as he progressed with the sucking and licking I turned around enough to take his big cock into my mouth, to taste the sheer pungency and earthiness of pure unadulterated stiff and pulsing cock, That gave us both the spur to adjust ourselves to enjoy a. Amy broke the silence " Bob do you like mom, me, or Lynn better?" Thank God I didn't have to answer that one because Lynn spoke up "Amy each of us have something for Bob to love. He may love Candi but he can still enjoy what we offer him too. Besides who cares as long as we get him and now each other." I promised your mom I wouldn't touch you until I knew you were ready. After this morning I knew you were. Your mom may want you also but that will have to wait til she excepts everything." "Oh.

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