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It makes themeasier to remove! I responded in kind by removing Teri's panties andtook her pre-cum soaked cock into my mouth, while she did the same to...ine.Teri had promised me that we would explore new horizons this weekend,and so far she had not let me down one bit. Now I was experiencinganother first, getting a blow job while giving one at the same time! Wematched our tempos, taking our time and just enjoying the sensationsthat were running through out our bodies. I could feel Teri. Becca turned quite red at whatever Babs had whispered to her and then Babs reached under Becca’s nightie and cupped the housekeeper’s tits, which were still hidden from view.Becca’s eyes got wide when she felt Babs hands on her tits and Babs whispered something else in Becca’s ear. As if in a trance, Becca just shook her head up and down and Babs lifted nightie up and over the head of the pretty young woman. Her tits were firm, nicely shaped with small aureoles and very erect nipples. Babs. I quickly unhooked her bra, and she shrugged it off. I lowered my head to lick and suck Bethany’s nipples, and I ran my finger along the zipper of her jeans, causing her to moan softly.We stood up and helped each other remove our pants and underwear, then hugged tightly. I cupped both of her butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her tight against me. We kissed deeply and ground our bodies together.“Make love to me!” Bethany whispered.We got into bed and I moved on top of her. I placed my dick. I wanted to feel her badly.We again began the finger kissing and back squeezing game. Continued for a while, I thought I should make the next move. I moved my hands between her hips and the window side. I wanted to touch her breast. My hands were wandering and I found the nipple pointed. During this action of mine, she went real crazy. Shaking her body in a sexy way; I suddenly drew back my hand. Took the mobile from her hand and typed sorry. She saved mine and retyped but I liked it. I didn’t.

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