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Sure." "Good. Nurse Miller will be up with your breakfastshortly. Good day Mr. Wheeler." The doctor motioned for Tim to step back, and onceTim had com...lied, he gently shut the patent's door in frontof him. Tim stood, slightly puzzled, gazing at the closeddoor until something the doctor said stuck him. "Other changes??" Tim looked down in shock as he realized he was nowdressed in a loose fitting, mono-color pajama. "How... how did?" He quickly removed it, embarrassed with himself forbeing too. We have each taken an oath to protect those people and, by your presence here, I know you take that oath seriously. This is not going to be an easy fight; some of us probably aren't going to make it. But I have every confidence that in the end, thanks to your courage, dedication and strength, you will be able to look into a mirror and know that you prevented thousands of murders in the future and avenged thousands more from the past. Dismissed."After the sober faced men and women had filed out. We know each other very well now, though, don’t we, McKinley?”The waitress came to take their order, interrupting the show. Mac was thoroughly impressed by Grace’s ability to not stoop to Astrid’s level.“Order whatever you like, darlings. Lunch is on me,” she said as she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulders.When their drinks arrived, Astrid took a big gulp of her wine.“So, Hope, what is that you do?” she asked, purposely getting Grace’s name wrong.Mac knew that Grace could handle herself.. We'll find out soon enough." How is Vicky?" he then asked, as if he was afraid to, and in a way he was."Your little wife is doing fine," Beatrice chimed, meaning every word because she wanted to more than anything else in the world. "In fact, she's out horseback riding and has been for a few hours now. I guess she got up at the crack of dawn, and she's been riding around that track ever since. She looks good on a horse." As good as she looks under a horse?" he asked."Probably," Beatrice.

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