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”Knowing that arguing with the skeletons was a losing proposition, Sean made his way towards the lobster habitat. He passed a box that held some dir... which was home for a bunch of earthworms. Next to it was an aquarium with a hermit crab in it.There was a jar filled with sea monkeys. Sean wondered where the student had found them. He had heard that one could buy them from advertisements in the back of comic books years ago, but he couldn’t recall seeing anything like that recently.There was. "Get your clothes off, and put these on," sheassertively announced, removing various items of what appeared to befemale underwear from a bag she was carrying."But, but those are women lingerie, why do I have to put them on,"stammered John. "Because you're a clit sized wimp, who's never satisfied my sister, that'swhy," she bellowed, "now put them on."Much to his shame John carried out her orders, he felt such a wuss,putting on the items which consisted of a black bra, panties, stockingsand. I was thrilled! Behind my blindfold, I closed my eyes and sucked him deeper. His bell end seemed to fill my mouth completely, pushing my tongue aside as it invaded the space. I began to suck with real purpose and the most delightful sounds filled my head as his cock slipped to and fro over my lips. The taste of his pre cum began to fill my mouth as it spilled out over my tongue. Oh God, it was a sublime sensation.In hardly any time at all, I was sucking cock as if I had been doing it all my. Her legs were long and lean, shimmering beneath sheer nylons with a dark seam up the back, and topped off with mirror-black, extra-high heels. The skirt caught for just a moment on one side, revealing the black lace garters barely covered when it fell back in place.Mrs. Baxter was shocked again. "Is this how you dress for class?" she demanded.The leggy blonde fiddled with a wayward strand of hair. "Well, uh, yeah, I guess so. Like, when the weather's warm. Is something wrong?"The other blonde.

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