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I have yet to come to terms with this, but pleasebelieve me when I thank you for being so strict with me. I must be asissy baby cuckold without any se...ual pleasure at all. I consolemyself with the thought that I can now concentrate on being a purebaby girl, completely under your and Jane's control. I'm trying tolearn that all my useless clittie can do is provide a flaccid conduitfor the never-ending flow of wee-wees into my nappy. I wanted to be atrue baby girl. Now I'm a step closer to that. " "What then?" "I think about you." "Do you really?" "Yeah." "Well I was just getting it off to you earlier. You got me sooo hott i had to put my whole fist in my pussy." "Well... ummm, do you wanna make both of our fanisties come true?" "Ummmmmm... if you want to." "Lets get at it!!!" They went at it with a will. First I took off my clothes very slowly almost teasing her. Then when i finally get them off we started feeling eachother all over. Her hand went all over my face and down my neck.. Moaning, I tried squatting more to open myself to her penetration. She giggled but didn't stop trying to get her entire tongue in me. She continued for a few minutes, but then had to pull back. She said, "I'm sorry sweetie, but my neck is breaking.", as she lay back flat on the floor.I immediately dropped down next to her and held her, kissing as I caressed up and down her body. As I reached lower, she parted her legs, silently asking to be touched "there".My hand moved over her panties,. Singh had a large clientele of Pakistani children. He also volunteered at the local clinic, which meant that he sometimes didn't turn up until eight o'clock at night or later. Frowning, I bet myself tonight was one of those nights."I suppose so," I grumbled irritably. Max was a big dog with a big dog's appetite. His last visit had seen the disappearance of two cans of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli, and a large can of smoked salmon. I wondered what injury to my pantry I'd see tonight. It wouldn't.

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