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We have been dating for about 2 yrs she has been the typical girl next door what attracted me to her, but in two years we never moved passed kissing, ...he sexual urge was building up inside me now I made a master plan to seduce her and fuck her brains out.She had been working for 3 months continuously without a single holiday so when she got a day off after that she pre decided to spend the day with me, I had made an awesome plan to seduce her. On the day of the holiday I picked her up on the. I have to head to my parents house for dinner. When I come back from there I’ll take you to town to shop, and bring you back.’ She started to decline. ‘You will buy the gas for the trip of course.’ As it would be easier and cheaper, then unhooking her home and buying gas for it. She gave in. ‘How did you find my place anyway?’ I asked as we got ready to go. She mumbled something, I said. ‘I couldn’t hear you.’ She looked at me with a blush she said. ‘I got lost. I have no idea where I am.’ I. We had categories for doggy and anal fucks, cum facials, fucks in other positions like spooning and reverse cowgirl, peeing, cocksucking, bondage, double-penetration and some others.Like i said, usually i rode Aaron's cock while we looked at porn. But not always. Like when we were collecting cocksucking pics, Aaron would stick his cock in my mouth and fuck it while i worked the keyboard. We almost always finished off our evening by fucking in different positions while we watched vids on his big. It was gorgeous. Light blue silk and satin, embroidered at the front, puff sleeves, and voluminous petticoats which made it stand out in a wide circle. After she shoehorned his feet into satin, buckled heels, she fitted a long, wavy auburn wig to his head. He shook his tresses in a wickedly provocative manner, then lowered his eyes as he was adorned with gold jewellery and a glittering tiara. Agatha stood back and smiled: “You are beautiful,” she exclaimed. Jay felt his body tense in a frisson.

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