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Instead she started explaining me that they were upset because they thought that I wouldnt want to go where they were going. I told her that I enjoye... going camping and hadnt gone this summer. My aunt then explained to me that this place was a little different as it was a nudist colony where most people where always naked, but they didnt have to. She explained to me that they enjoyed going by themselves because they liked being naked. I felt a bit nervous, awkward and turned on at the thought. I returned back to the kitchen in the ground floor. My mother in law would not be up and awake till another 2 hours. I prepared tea for three persons and took it upstairs and shook Koushik to wakefulness. Both Ratna and Koushik were still huddled together, both still naked.Koushik on waking up and finding me in the room was embarrassed and picking up a towel rushed to the bathroom. I fondled Ratna’s tits and gave her a kiss.She smiled and said, “Geeta, it was fabulous.”I smiled and said, “Yes. " How much money did he ask her for? What were the pictures? How much time did he give her?" I asked in rapid succession. "What did Paula tell him?" Now, Boss. Remember that I'm just making my report here. Don't kill the messenger, okay?" replied Steve. "He told her that he wanted her to be his mistress and gave her till Monday to make up her mind. Your wife begged him to accept money, but he just laughed at that suggestion. With all due respect, Boss, he told her he wanted to fuck her whenever. Lot’s of attention!” I turned around to ask Vickie what she thought she was doing, but just then, she hit the stereo and began dancing. She danced over to me and said, “Not one word out of you, you bastard, your going to get yours! Turn about is fair play and this is my party, too. Just sit back and watch me enjoy this.” My heart was pounding with fear as I had never seen her like this, I wasn’t sure if she was pissed or serious about fucking these guys. I knew I was in trouble and I had better.

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