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We went out to get in his car and he being a gentelman opened my door for me. It was a small expensive sports car imposable to get in like a lady so a... he helped me in he was able to see that I really was a redhead. We had a nice diner and as we were walking back to the car he asked if I would like to go to his place for a night cap before he took me back to the hotel. He had a beautifull house overlooking the city. The house was well decorated and neet as a pin. While he was fixing us a drink. "Just wait here. I'll go get it." And heslipped inside the house. I started crying again, really upset with Momand worried about the 'Tom' issue.He came back outside holding the ginger in his hand, hiding from me justhow much was there. He sat down beside me and hugged me, and kissed me onthe top of my head.I thought, for a moment, about how I had no idea just how much ginger hewas about to give me. I thought about how he was planning on 'drugging' meoutside, and carrying me to his bedroom. 'Oowwww', I called out as the rubber tipped sword bounced off the edge of my collar bone.'Would have hurt a lot more if it was a real one', Tara said, slightly patronisingly.We restarted, and almost immediately I lost my footing and had to roll over just Tara was bringing her sword down on my torso. I brought my weapon up and caught her on her stomach.'Nice hit', she said as I was scrambling to my feet. 'So you've won one. You won't win another'She was wrong ... I did win again, but only two. Imagine my shock, to find that it was a girl that was lying in the depression of the earth. When I reached her side, I took hold of her arm and she stirred. She was alive! She was unconscious and was not wearing a stitch of clothing. Picking up her slight body was easy for a man that made wheels and I took her into the shop. I lay her small body on the hearth in front of the fire before retrieving a heavy quilt from my cedar chest.I dried her the best I could without taking liberties and then.

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