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Tommy still twisting his fingers in her hair, jerked her face back and forth, watching her lips riding on his cock. Susan wasn't sucking her son now; ...e was fucking her mouth.The heat of his cock, the hardness, the throbbing of it against her lips and tongue, the way it beat at her throat, surprised Susan. It wasn't as unpleasant as she thought it would be.Mark was still twisting her tits. Tommy was still jerking her head by the hair, but the pain they were inflicting on her no longer felt so. He knew that this was the necessary first step in the evolution of his beautiful blonde wife, if she was to someday become the naughty slut of his dreams. Over the next few weeks, while eating her sweet pussy during foreplay, and fucking her soon thereafter, he would tell his wife how he wanted to watch her fuck a Black man. He told her that he wanted to watch her face as she would cum all over a big Black cock, like she had never cum before. He kept up the dirty talk, making it as erotic as. She continued for several minutes then whispered “Do you want to try something and please don’t think I’m weird?” By now I had forgotten the years before us, where we fought and didn’t get along. The sexual tension we were having together was pure pleasure and enjoyment.“Of course I’ll try anything you want just ask,” I wasn’t sure but it seemed the right answer. She looked at me smiling, checking to make sure no one around was watching, then she slid her hands under the table for a couple of. He started fucking me deep and hard right away. Long full thrusts from tip to base over and over. I was moaning and gasping as he plowed my cunt. It felt so good after all that build up. I knew I was going to cum fast and already felt the initial waves of pleasure pulsing."Oh fuck! Oh God!" I moaned over and over, "Oooooh fuuuuck." Do you like that slut?" He grunted, "You like the way I'm pounding you?" Oh oh oh ooooh!" Was all I could say, "I'm cumming!!"My pussy clamped down around his shaft.

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