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I am sure it will be a friendly little meeting.”“Sounds very interesting.”“Oh, Melissa, could you do me just a little favor?”“Of course, a...ything.”“When you drop over this evening, could you be dressed the way prostitutes do in your country?” Now he really smiled big.“A few weeks back, I would have slapped someone who said anything like you just said.” Melissa looked at his face. “But you’re serious?” He just smiled bigger. “Hmmmm... well, lucky for you, I seemed to have been changed a little. Junior had been asleep when she did so and it wasn't until he woke to the alarm on his watch that he found her. Letting her and Sarah sleep he made his way downstairs to relieve Janet on watch. With Juanita now able to get around some on her own, all of the group with military training were taking turns at guard duty. Sarah had even joined Junior a couple of times, learning what she needed to be able to pull a shift herself.Junior sat on the wide front porch, a steaming cup of coffee in hand as. I readily parted my thighs when he pressed his chin in between my thighs. His tongue lapped and cleaned my pussy lips thoroughly. I heard a ˜mmmmm from down below. He brought his hands from my buttocks a bit lower and let his fingers attack my pussy directly from behind me. I let out a loud ˜aaaah of course not due to pain and parted my legs much wider now. His tongue reaching the prime spot started licking my inner lips. I was thinking to myself ˜Should I need to cover my breasts anymore??. Take them off.”I look at Janet. How can I have forgotten her obsession with flashing? It was always one of the things I liked best about her.I smile. “Okay, I’ll be back in a minute.”“No, not in the kakhuis. Just take them off here.”“Come off it, Janet, I can’t just slip them off in public.”“Don’t be silly, of course you can. Just do it. Quickly, before he loses interest.”“Oh hell, go on then. He probably won’t even notice.”I lift one bum-cheek, put my hand up my skirt and pull down one side of.

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