Sam slowly began walking towards Alex with a mischievous grin on her face and began unwrapping the towel from around her body.Samantha held the towel ...pen with both hands, exposing her naked body to her brother and, pushing him back onto the bed she began to straddle him, grinding her hips and running her pussy lips over the bulge in his pants in a vigorous and demanding manner.As he took in the site of his beautiful sister he momentarily forgot everything else. She ... this ... was what was. When Brenda returned to her clit May was not able to keep up with breathing. She moaned as Brenda brought two fingers into her slit and pressed into her gspot over and over. Her hands gripped the couch as she fought a losing battle. When Brenda sucked on her clit hard May gasped one final time before convulsing. Her pussy tightened and tried to flush out Brenda’s fingers with her juices as she came hard. All of the teasing, the humiliation and the buildup from last night washed out of her. That had the UOP. I almost laughed because the Cpl. was about half in his MOPP gear. I took the UOP pack, opened it up and thank God the Cpl. didn’t fuck with it. I pulled out a set of MOPP gear, handed them to Michael and said, “I think you know what to do with this.”I had recovered my sniper rifle earlier so I pulled up the rifle, looked through the scope and noticed our Marines getting into their MOPP gear. Then I noticed the mercs and agents waving frantically from the back of the disabled. Sheri said "Wow Gram you're a fucking cock sucker just like me." Gram was still so hot she was breathing heavy and rubbing her self. Her eyes were kind of not looking at any thing just kind of out into space. I pushed Gram over on the bed and pulled up her skirt. Sheri helped me pull down her panties. Sheri said "Golly, would you look at all the hair. Granny got a lot of hair around her pussy Waldo, are you going to lick her like you do me?" "I guess I better before she burst open." Sheri.

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