The pressureinside me continued to build until I started squirting juicesuncontrollably."Feels good, doesn't it?" she asked. With my face still buried...in herpussy, all I could do was grunt an "mmm-hmmm" kind of noise. However,that wouldn't be a problem any longer as she pulled the vibrator out ofme and stood up beside the bed. I finally got to see the shiny bluevibrator she'd been using on me. It looked to be about eight inches longwith small bumps all along the length, though there was no. " When she said this Florenz took it as his cue to slip out of his shirt and boxers.She smirked and then put the bong to her lips again and sucked smoke out of it and held her breath. Madeleine handed me the bong and then slid out of her panties. This is the house I live in: what a trip! I handed the bong back to her and she took a hit and then put it on the nightstand beside her. Coils of dark hair ran from her pubic delta to her navel and also down along her thighs and calves, though the. Craig was hard, rested and ready.I positioned myself so that I was on all fours with one camera pointed directly at my ass and the other two had good side views. The hand held guy just went where he wanted. Craig got behind me and started tongue fucking my pussy and licking my ass a bit. He doesn’t usually do that but damn it felt good. After a few minutes of this he must have figured I was ready. He started out slow by rubbing his cock all over my pussy and ass. Then slowly slid just the head. I could see the hunger in his eyes. I thought darkly of what he wanted to do with me. Mmm, suck my nipples, feel my breasts, stick your cock...gently in my wet hole.Suddenly, he pounced on me, taking me by surprise and knocking me backward against the soft down bed. He started to kiss me hungrily, eagerly, desperately. My hands immediately went to the hem of his t-shirt. I took it off and threw it to the floor without a care in the world. Fuck, I could feel his hairy chest against my bare body..

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