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He'd even chance his old man getting up-tight if he found him gone, but that wasn't likely this time of day. He was soused on his beer and probably sl...eping in front of the glaring TV. The old bastard... the way he'd ridden him ever since he'd gotten busted for having a couple of joints on him. You'd think the old fart was some sort of model to pattern one's self after! Hell, he hadn't been worth a goddamn since his mom died... and those frigging witches he picked up to bring home in the wee. " He has?" Kate's gaze swept to me."Sure. He did Holly early, then he did Heather..." He DID?" Kate erupted. "Heather?"Gina confirmed it, "Yes. And he did me about two this morning when Amy stole Michael out from under me..."Kate was counting on her fingers. "Did anybody else but me NOT sleep with someone last night?"I rubbed my jaw, thinking about it. "Not in your generation. Neither your mother nor Heather's got any. I'm assuming Cindy did."Kate shook her head, looking somewhat dazed."Joy.". Jen, then said, im kind of like her, im not super ticklish either other than 2 spots. So, i closed the book, and immediately tried to find those spots, tickling my cousin.I do have to say, my intention was not to sleep with her, i merely wanted to make her my best friend, like my sister and older cousins who used to tickle me when i was young. After trying her feet, legs, shoulders and under arms i finally found it, her sides! i tickled and tickled until she squealed and laughed so hard i had. Well, right now, she is about ready to discard her beliefs, and I don't want see that happen in her current state."What I'm trying to say is that you are Leah's only anchor right now. Can you handle that?" Well, I really like her, and I feel responsible for telling her my news and causing this," he answered. "I'll do whatever I can." I need to warn you that she may fall hopelessly in love with you, if it hasn't already happened. I know you probably don't feel that way about her." I could tell.

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