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She always tease me cause I’m young and she always say bhaiya koi sexy punjaban dhoond do delhi se or punjab se and i always tell her bhabi aap jais... pataka ho to theek ha then she ask me oh really mere mein aisa kya hai, I said bhabi kya nahi hai? sir se par tak hot ho.I go to gym reguraly ek din she ask muje bhi kuch exercise batao mein moti ho rahi ho tu mene kaha kis angle se to wo boli kabhi fir dikhanugi kis angle se then she had a naughty smile on her face then ek din she foned me and. I grabbed her bum, squeezing her cheeks through the PVC and forced her on to my cock as hard as I could. I didn’t last much longer than a minute before I shot my load inside her. She hoped off and lay back on the bed, demanding that I eat her out. I got between her legs and licked my cum from her cunt and made her cum again,’ I finished.‘Wow, what a night!’ Max said, her neck flushed red with excitement.‘That was just the start. We took it easy for an hour then she fucked me again with the. I complimented her on her appearance, which made her smile. She showed me her white teeth and I detected a gleam in her eyes that was not there before. I ushered her before me and as she led the way I was sure there was extra wiggle in her hips. I didn't mind. Hell I was hoping I could plant my hardening dick between those cheeks.Then I heard it."Shit my pussy is wet and it's not even noon. I wonder if he likes me? I bet he would like me if I had bigger breasts! I could hear her thoughts. It. Just love to hear it. It makes me so horny. Aaaaahhhh. I unzipped him and removed his Bermuda. I went backward in a way that I bend and blow him. I started sucking and biting his dick. He started moaning “ahhhh my sexy bitch ahhhhhh, oh god! Ahhhh ya ya ya honey yaaa faster ahhhhh” and started massaging my hair. Then he was about to come. I told him to cum on my boobs as I wanted to feel that heat. Uffffff. I was in heaven again. Just loved the feel and I hugged him tightly. This time I only.

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