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I saw that Sonya also was seeing something she hadnever seen before, her best friend’s cunt, gaping open,three fingers disappearing inside it. &...8220;Look how manyfingers she’s fitting in herself! How does she do it?”Sonya asked, amazed.“Why don’t you get a closer look,” I suggested. “Askher.” Sonya crawled down to the foot of the bed and saton the end, astounded, watching Karen masturbate.Karen finally looked down, under heavy-lidded eyes andsaw. And so she lay, her legs open, her kneesdrawn up. “Nicolas my love, my love come take me again, joinme to you with your magic wand, let us become oneagain as we are meant to be” she said. I raised my self and got between her legs and thenmy penis was enveloped in her softness as I loweredmyself and thrust it into her. She cried out andher hands grasped my buttocks. Her juiceslubricated my rod and I achieved full penetrationeasily, swiftly into her vagina, which held mefirmly. Firmer. ” “I’ll remember that for next time. You two look like you’re having fun… and we certainly did in the shower, didn’t we hon’?” He agreed, making some comment about how tough it would be to top coming inside of two beautiful women in the same evening. If true, it meant that he’d come three times in a matter of about ninety minutes; pretty impressive, I thought. Of course, since they’d probably fucked before they got in the shower or soon thereafter, it also meant that he’d been enjoying sliding. All the time she was pressing my head towards her pussy and moaning heavily and yes she was enjoying and admiring my licking. This continued for a very long time, I think she was turned on and horny this time. She came upon me kissed my face and lips wildly and then she softly in a moaning sound she said please hari don’t exploit me more, I can’t bear, please come on me I can’t wait. She held my dick gave hand job while my dick attained its full erection and my tomb out, I laid her on bed, I.

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