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She had opened the door to toss her cummy blouse into the hamper. My head snapped up from her undies in alarm at the intrusion. My cock was still my other hand. “Why are you smelling my panties?”Embarrassed, unable to answer, I stood with her panties in one hand and my throbbing cock in the other. Sis stood naked in the doorway. Her eyes never left mine. “Go ahead,” she nudged, “Finish what you started.”I was too fucking hard to argue. My hand started stroking up and down my young cock. “This,” said Evie, who, having heard voices in the room, had crept in unnoticed.She went to the opposite side of the bed and slowly removed her nightgown. The two girls didn’t know where to look first, but settled on watching Evie as she exposed her delightfully rounded figure.“Look,” she said, and pointed to Jake’s now erect member.“Oh!” said the girls together as they dropped their eyes down to the object they had come to see.“What happens now?” asked Victoria, whilst Caroline remained. He first took some of his saliva like the lesbian women do and he applied the same on my cunt and lubricated the same. He then started inserting his index finger slowly to my cunt and the started kissing my clitoris and the same time. I was once again in heaven. He then went on doing this for 10 minutes till i started screaming to stop. He would not listen to me. He was licking, sucking my cunt till i cummed and he started drinking the entire thing and cleaned my cunt and he gave a few of cum. “Bad Mai…” he said. My face blushed as my ass being spanked again and again like a naughty girl. He then grab my ass and slowly put his thick headed cock on my pussy lips. Nervously I look over my shoulder at him. “Jake! Please please! Don’t! I’m your sister!!” I said nervously. Knowing this has gone way too far than I anticipate. He laughs. “Like I said, for me, you are Mai..!” He groans as he push his big fat cock into my tight teen pussy. “Ahhhh Jake!!” I groans loud as I feels his cock.

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