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Her body was his now, at least for tonight.David pulled away from kissing Rachel to grin at her. "Hi," he teased. "Hi," she breathlessly responded. Sh... looked down to his crotch, where his dick was straining against the fabric and reached out to touch it. She ran her hand down his length before undoing the button and zipper, freeing him from his pants. Then she slid her hand inside his waistband and around to his ass, letting the pants drop to the floor. Rachel pushed herself against him,. I was blushing when we finally broke apart, very glad to be in the private room. It had been a hot enough kiss that we would have drawn applause if we had been in public. It was a hot enough kiss that I could feel Nallen’s reaction pressed against my hip!Aneeka’s eyes were downcast, her own cheeks lit up. Nallen kissed us each on a cheek, I saw Aneeka’s blush deepen even as my own burned hotter.Nallen drew us over to where his grandmother Mareail stood a little apart, it was almost unbelievable. We both savored every inch and depth of one another. He started to speed up.He kissed by breasts, massaged them, made out with them. Twirled my nipple with his tongue. He went harder into my pussy. It felt like he had two minds. One focused on my breast and the other on my pussy. I felt good from head to toe.His hand shot up and grabbed me on the shoulder as he stopped focusing on speed and started with power. He got up on his knees, grabbed my ankles and placed them on his shoulders, and then. "I need you to chop the onions and peppers." She backedout of the pantry holding a couple of spice bottles and did a doubletake when she saw me."Go put on --" she began, and paused."What?" That shirt's too small to be decent on you." I know I outgrew it a couple of years ago, but I'm smaller now --" Not in certain places, you're not. Go change into a looser shirt."I did as she said, putting on a shirt that was comfortable before mychange, and baggy now. When I came back, she said: "That's.

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