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He answers directly to our London office for now, but there’ll be a new board of directors in place very soon.”“And Mister MacPhail has your ful... confidence?”“Well, I’ve never met the man. HEY, COREY! WHAT D’YOU THINK OF LEE MACPHAIL?”Corey did a goldfish impression, then gave me two thumbs-up.“Good enough for me”, I laughed. “That matches all the advice we’ve had.”The guy seemed unsure whether to be amused or horrified. “And the current CEO and board of directors presumably don’t have your. He froze with a small weapon half out of his sleeve. He licked his lips, “I should have warned you.”He slowly finished pulling the weapon and set it on my desk, “Have you seen one of these before?”I put my weapon away and ignored Dragon as she leaped from her stand to my shoulder. I glanced at the weapon before looking at auditor Smith, “Yes.”He nodded, “Would you make one?”I smiled and pulled Dragon onto my lap, “No.”He tilted his head, “Even if the emperor asked?”I grinned, “If he asked .... .I was on the way back and i passed Jane she gave me a huge smile and said looks like your going to see me naked again and laughed..i got in the house and shouted Claire she was not there,i,m up stairs,come up..i went in to our bedroom and she had all this new sexy underwear on,,do you think Steven would like me in this?? what you on about Claire,,i know you want it Kevin,Jane told me when Mark told you,,you said you wished it was me getting fucked by a big black cock,,well darling your getting. I could feel a tightness in my jeans just imagining what that looked like.“Thank you,” I heard Kate tell my girlfriends. “Um ... anytime. Really.”“Sounds like you two have your work cut out for you tonight,” I laughed.“Just innocent play,” Lissa said. “Unlike what you are likely to have. You’re not competing tomorrow, you know.”Damn! I hadn’t thought about the fact that I was still sharing a room with Allison and there was no longer a competition prohibition against sex. Oh man! I really hoped.

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