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I'm walking home after a day at work, as I walk past a restaurant I notice a couple walking behind me, I think nothing of it and carry on. Shortly af...er I turn into a dark underpass with one light flashing on and off, as I get deeper into the tunnel a hear a womans voice call out "excuse me", so I look round and it's the same couple a noticed before. I stay quite for a second before I reply "sorry you talking to me?" The women replies "yes we was wondering if you could help us with. And you'll probablyfind your underwear feels nicer to wear if you remove all your hair belowthe waist." She caught my eye and I nodded. Then off she went, taking thetwo bags with her. The bags containing my male underwear. it seemed asthough she was taking away my masculinity.Alone at last, I made myself a meal. And after eating, and having a drinkor two, I felt better. Time for an early night. I took my dress off andhung it up. I checked my appearance in the mirror. What I saw was. Please check it out if you haven’t read it as yet.So, I was stroking my dick, smelling and chewing my mallu Vallyemma’s sweaty panties, and yelling out her name unconsciously. I came suddenly and at that moment, I heard her asking, “What happened son, why are you calling me..?”Suddenly, I came back to my senses. What the fuck I’ve done! I might’ve whispered her name loudly. I told in an artificial panic tone, “Spider.” She laughed and asked, “Spider!? I thought you were doing something. A man this time. ‘Hey, you’re Lucy’s boyfriend, right?’ Lucy is my girlfriend. She doesn’t bother me. I like that. ‘Yes, that’s me.’ I wonder who this guy is. ‘Quite a girl that one, quite a girl.’, he went on, with an odd smile. A bit lecherous, I wonder if he’s a relative. Lucy will get a kick out of this. I guess I should be able to describe him to her. Old, 60 or something, gray hair, tall, too fit to have been born into it – either an army man or a fitness freak. I’d bet on the former,.

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