The rhythm grabbed me as I floated around theroom. Now it was time.After a few minutes, I opened the adjoining door of my room and knockedon the other... Three times, like Alex said. The door opened, and Alex motioned me in."Well, hello Toni. Still quite the seductress, I see."I felt myself blush. "You look great," I said. And Alex did lookwonderful, all leather and latex and curves."Thank you. Are you going to invite me to see your little captive?"****I paused in the doorway between the two. Toh mom ko gudgudee si huie or achanak se haasss padi…main bhi kush.Nisha bhi kush. Maine mom ko bed pe letaya or boobs masalna shuru kar diya..or nanga pet bhi chatna shuru kar diya…thodi der baad mom ne nisha ko kaha ki jaa or mere ulmera se condom leya..nisha condom lene gae..phir maine mom ko chodna shuru kiya…thak toh gaya tha…lekin socha phir yeh mauka mile na mile..phir maine mom ko chodna shuru kiya..dheere dheere maine smooch maara blouse ke andar haat daal raha.. Kabhi main mom ke. Well I thought, not bad for a start! Here comes the disappointment part: My Mother Manjula said, ‘then you can take my blanket’. What..? What was that mom, how will you sleep if you give it to me? Oh! No problem da I’m use to these chillness, you go ahead and sleep. Here, take the blanket and cover yourself up properly.Then she resumed her sleeping position in the other side of the bed. I did not protest much, because i knew this was temporary and know how chilly it could get as night falls.. Gail was used to being thinbeautiful and fit, Now she cries herself to sleep, in her 72 year oldbody. The only one that doesn't seem to mind is my mother, Jane. She is inthe body of my son. Although she feels bad for Harold and Gail, and can'tdo a lot of the things she used to enjoy because of her short stature, sheis thrilled to have a new lease on life, and is now going though a secondchildhood.My first week as a woman was confusing, walking into the wrong bathroom,wearing a bra, getting used.

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