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. how to sayin English ... shit? fucker...? That fucker Gavriil Zakharov. He killswomen. Says it sends a message. I don't work directly for men who ki...lwomen."Leona's blood ran cold. She could barely get the words out of her mouth."Gavriil Zakharov is dead." No Leona Jade. He is pretend dead. Very much alive. And like you havinga dick, you speak of this to no one of course." Of course."****************Part 5: Cinzia RossiCynthia Corvetti would never be described as a slow driver. Her son. Tall, athletic, blonde spiky hair, married - she had been out of reach to all except the most determined pupils; but now seen twice within a week.“It was lovely to meet you and Molly again on Saturday in that restaurant - was that other gorgeous redhead Molly’s mum with you?” “Yes - Justine - she took us out for a lovely meal and then back to bed. Oh I’m sorry - did I actually say that out loud?”“Yes you did - that’s OK - I had something rather similar in mind”, she squeezed Rachael’s thigh. There was a worktable in there at a convenient height, and I laid out our prisoner on it. Of course, he began to bitch and moan about how what we were doing was illegal, and we could expect a visit from the cops as soon as he got away.Billy asked, "What makes you think you are leaving here?"That was a real shocker for the man, and all of us looked at him with the most evil grins that we could manage. He wilted at that. Before he could recover, I said, "You will tell us everything you know about. He knew her name, he knew she was into him. There was one thing he didn’t know. ‘Why are you here?’ It didn’t make sense that a gorgeous woman with no obvious defects would be single at all, let alone on Valentine’s Day. There wasn’t a man alive who’d turn Tiffany down. ‘Just didn’t have anyplace else to be.’ Tiffany smiled. ‘It was a good thing too. If I had been anywhere else I wouldn’t have met you.’ Mike must have been listening closer to the pair than he normally did. Chris certainly.

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