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For your own sakes, you are advised to lie on the bench quietly and allow yourselves to be fastened down. I tossed a coin earlier to see which sex wou...d wield the strap first, the women lost, therefore the men will determine the severity of this morning's strapping. Now let me get on and do the intros." She introduced each pair in turn according to her list and gave a very brief resume of why they were there."The programme for today. In a few minutes we'll get the punishments over and after a. “Soni, aaj hamari suhagrat hai aur tum ghooghat dal kar bhaithi ho.”“Ghooghat to uthoyo to tum phir suhagraat manaye ge”Rohit ne ghooghat uthaya, Soni kaa chehara dhek kar o musqaraya. Dono ek dusre ko dekh rahe thai. Rohit ne apana haath uthaya aur Soni right breast par rakh kar jor se dabaya.Soni chuhuk gayi “ooooooooo, kya kar rahe ho”“Qila dekh raha tha majbut hai ki nahi”“Qila yaha nahi hai, ye to shipahi hai. Qila to niche hai”“O meri jaannnnnnnnnnnn” Itana kah kar Rohit ne ushe baho mai. She, however, was clearly enjoying it. She was slowly stroking my cock while I pissed and cupping and lightly squeezing my balls with her other hand. I never had a girl get her face so close to my cock while I pissed before, well other than the ex who suck it. When she wasn’t studying my pissing cock she’d stare up into my eyes like she was a horny slut happily miking my cum, except it just so happened to be my piss. I asked her as I was finishing if she liked it, to which she said replied with. " The sheriff entered my bus to confirm my words then returned to confront me. "Yes Ms Denby. Whose children are they?" "Mine and Ms Beverly's. I openly declared." "What all twenty of them?" "Yes- well ten of them anyway. The other ten are hers'." "But they're all about the same age. Though I must confess, they certainly have your looks!" "Well of course they look like me, they're mine aren't they?" He fell silent, suspicious of the circumstances but puzzled by my openness. "Well.

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