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The lights are dazzling, and I can't see Daddy very well, but he's there on the couch. I smile and hold my hands behind my back, standing at attention... He watches me without saying anything for a minute or two. My mind always races during that time. What is he thinking? Is my uniform properly done? Did I forget anything? I've done it often enough to know that I haven't, but the thought of disappointing him with a mistake, and then being punished for it, always comes. Through it all, I keep. I felt it move the one deepinside me slightly."You're so sexy, I mean just look at you, the surgeons did a good joband no one would ever confuse you with being a man again."As she sat between my legs I was forced to look down between my breastsand watch her movements between my legs. She looked up and smiled atme."Why did you give me such large implants?" I asked."You're breasts are not all implants, they are mostly you," shereplied, "and I bet you want to touch them."As she got up on to the. For the rest of the Christmas holiday, until I returned to MistressJanet's academy, I was milked for my sperm morning and evening and itwas put into a sperm bank that was right next door to Victoria's daddy'sclinic. The strange thing was, after first just fingering my nipples andlittle boy clitty Auntie Beverly then changed tactics. She gentlyintroduced a vibrating dildo to my sissy pussy one morning and I had thestrangest sensation as I suddenly spurted sperm without any propersensation of. After two orgasms, Becky asked for a break. “Wow, thanks, Aunt Martha, but don’t you need them?”Martha looked at Becky and said, “You have been open and honest with me, which is the way I like to be, so I will do the same for you.” She then related the story of how Rod entered their life. The young woman’s eyes got big hearing about the unusual arrangement but reached out for Martha’s hands as she began to understand the love that was behind it all. Then they took a break for lunch and Becky.

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