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"I assume you two will want to deliver the new vehicle. I'll call my accountant and have him meet you at the Jeep dealer in Denver. Get her the top of...the line Grand Cherokee with everything on it, and I do mean everything. Her husband is dead, and from what Kayla tells me, she's having a hard time making ends meet. Make sure the best snow tires are on it, and buy her an extra set of wheels with top of the line tires already mounted for use in the warm months. I'll also have the accountant put. She remained in the car when I parked in Exo-Genetics’ security lot. The white jacketed, woman pharmacist smiled and hummed while she refilled our prescriptions.I left with the suspicion that she knew more about the drug than our doctor.There was only one cure for Rory, when we returned home. She clawed her way out of the car and thudded around it. She barely fit through the door in the garage. I locked the car, taking my time. I called Lana and tried to talk her out of suicide.“I never should. Remember; don't ever feel you're being forced into doing anything. We're the stars. Without us they're just a group of guys jerking off in an empty room! Anyway, John and me will keep them under control.''I don't know if I want them to be in control' said Hayley seductively, leaning in to kiss the girl, rolling her tongue slowly in gentle circles. She felt her sister behind her reach her hand around and begin rubbing her clit, bringing her tongue up to her sister's ear and inserting it deep. "Like what Jessi?" Like rubbing my pussy Theron." But Miss! We just met!" I know that makes it all the more exciting!"He shook his head, and then smiled at me."You're a bad girl." I'm good at it though." I bet you are."He moved his hand across my pussy, and I gave a sigh as my body quivered."Let's dance again, Jessi."I really didn't want to, I wanted to stay here and keep getting the attention I was getting from him, but I nodded my head, and we both got up. He took his position once again.

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