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"The realisation that" Jane sighed "I was about to let my son have sex with me. I know you'll think badly of me, but I was about to ask him to make lo...e to me when I lost my nerve." There's an 'and' there." I said.Jane looked at the floor again and spoke quietly."And" she said, "I wish I had not lost my nerve. I wish I could turn back the clock and let Adam have me."Helen looked at me and grinned, I returned her grin briefly then set my face back into a serious expression. We let Jane stew for. In about 20 seconds, the six of us were all naked.The girls and I knew we had to get things started. We smiled at each other then dropped to our knees. Our boyfriends each had giant cocks, each at least 8 inches. We all started sucking wildly, our spit dripping from our mouths as we worked our boyfriends’ meat in and out of our ravenous mouths. I had been friends with Jen and Kris since we were all in second grade; it was wild seeing us all naked and on our knees with big cocks in our. The lazy sack of shit." Just then her best friend from c***dhood, Maria, came through the door. "Get up! get up! You will never guess who is coming over to see you!" said Maria. Veronica laid there in aw of her friend. Maria was a very lushes 32 year old woman. Thin waist, voluptuous breast, sexy thick lips, honey eyes, and an ass that any man would kill for. "Hello???" Veronica snapped out of her trance. "Oh. what were you saying?" Maria smiled and rolled her eyes. "i swear you ignore me on. His parents and my mom were alright with that because they didn't think anything would ever happen between us. And honestly? Neither did I. One night, just like countless others, I was asleep in his bed, he always insisted that whenever we had a sleepover, whether at his house or mine, that I'd always get the bed. So there I was, fast asleep, dreaming about screwing one of my favorite choreographers, and I felt something watching me. Don't ask me how I just...I dunno, something was telling me.

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