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.. oh god, I do like to be spanked!” Voicing it out loud almost made me dizzy with a whirlwind of stray thoughts and stomach-churning butterflies. �...�But how - why?” I didn’t understand this. Bridget sat down on her chair once more, right next to my stretched-out body, but Erin seemed to have no inclination to withdraw her finger from inside me. “When you sent Erin your picture and asked us to take you in for the year, Erin and me agreed that you are such a pretty thing, and that it would be. She took her T-shirt. Her boobs jumped out and it was huge…The dark circles around the nipples was awesome. I moved my hands towards her boobs. She gave a hard hit on my hands and said “Don’t touch it”. She pushed me to bed and came over me. I was looking at her and enjoying her actions. She sat over my cock and bent and kissed me hard… She moved down kissing me and came to chest. She sucked my nipples over the dress. She removed my top and bra. Came over me again and chewed my nipples and. And finally her birthday came.I again asked what she wanted as gift. She said i need not worry about it. She will take if herself today from me. I started to wonder what it would be. Class started and time went by with no sign of her gift or anything about it. Then she said enough for the day. I said its your birthday so whatever you say. She said wait here and went to the kitchen and came back after some time. I said for what did u go? She said that she went to see what her mother was doing. I’d felt rather naked not having it for six weeks. I checked it over, stripped it down, inspected it as well as I could and reassembled it.Everything slid and moved, as it should. The heaviness was gone out of the trigger, and I commented that it felt better than new. Ken was pleased that I liked his work.We finally fronted up to some paper targets. When it was my turn, I pulled the weapon and fired two shots. I flicked on the back-light and was satisfied there was only one obvious hole, and it.

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