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I went to bed, sleeping until 10:00 AM. I never heard or felt him come to bed.The next day passed uneventfully. After dinner, I asked him if he was up...for some fun.“If you are talking about sex, then absolutely!”“Great, me too!” I said, with enormous delight, spilling everything out in one long burst of words. “I have a plan that you need to be part of; it will give us both considerable thrills and excitement. I want to do anal with Derreck; I need to be as ready as I can for his invasion back. I gasped and took my mouth away from his cock and could not help asking, “Son, what are you doing?”“Don’t stop me Ma, you got such a tasty ass.” He buried his tongue in the butthole. He started circling his tongue in and out making me shudder and tremble all over.“Oh sweetie it is too much to bear what the hell are you doing?”“Don’t tell me you have never had your ass eaten Ma?”“No never.”“So keep sucking my cock and enjoy it.”He leaned forward and pushed my head down on his cock and resumed. 45pm. On the bus home, my gaze floated over the other passengers, wondering who else felt frustrated with their life.I dawdled, in no rush to get home after I got off the bus. The short walk from the bus stop to my house was one that I'd walked over a thousand times before, without really seeing it. Tonight as I walked home, I noticed the odd uniformity of the houses, with little well kept gardens providing privacy to the lives inside the houses. It might be a cliché but I had never stopped to. Main Aditya ke sath ghumne jaungi.” Pooja ka man to nahi tha lekin woh mana nahi kar payi.Actually, mera bhi Pooja ki fir se chudai karne ka mann tha kyuki kabhi kabhi to aisi mast maal chudne ko milti hai. Main ready hokar Suhasi ke room gaya to woh bilkul ready nahi thi.Main – Kya hua? Ab tak ready nahi hui.Suhasi – Main to kab se ready hu tumhare liye.Main samajh gaya ki aaj Suhasi chudwane wali hai. Suhasi ke bare mein maine bataya tha ki woh thodi chubby thi lekin cute thi. Uska koi.

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