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She fell onto my chest and gasped for breath as I stroked her hair. After a minute she rolled off of me and onto her stomach. I moved behind her, grab...ed her hips and lifted her firm little ass into the air. My cock pushed past her waiting slit and into the hot wetness of her pussy. After a few slow, deep strokes I grabbed her hips tightly and began to fuck her faster. My cock pistoned in and out of her as we grunted and groaned. I pulled out, flipped her onto her back and slid inside of her. Sheappreciated it too. That’s why, half an hour later whenshe heard her brother’s plaintive cry “Melissa? I needit bad tonight” she answered back “Be there in aminute.” and wrapped up her homework.She found him on his bed, flat on his back, as usual.Once he lay down it was hard to get him up again. He’dlaid out the liniment and other stuff she used on hislegs. He had on the loose basketball shorts he used aspajamas. Melissa wore her PJs too, a set of. "Oh fuck" she moans feeling his cock drilling into her pussy ferociously, while he sucks on each tits hard, "mmmh your pussy feels so good" he says pounding her pussy with force for good 10 minutes before he turns her onto her stomach, with her tits dangling as he pulled her ass up to his face, eating her ass out as well. "Mmmh shit ooh fuck" she moaned out, his tongue ravaging her ass while slapping her cheeks hard, "this will be fun" he says eating her ass before pulling out. He got up on top. They then left, having decided to try thenew restaurant for their meal. Mistress said she had a letter to post. It seemed hours before Mistress returned, it was - as I later found out. "Well 17, did you enjoying being controlled?" I replied I did Mistress,but it must be getting late and I have to go to work tomorrow. "So do I, I will possibly see you and talk about this at lunchtime tomorrow.I will decide if I am in the mood". She let me out of the cage and told me to return to the room.

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