Initially I kept quiet and then we started looking at each other and in general had a few conversations and dinner was served , my hand was on my knee...and my fingers touched her knee as it was very close , she did not react , I got more courage and circled on her soft thighs and she did not react again and kept talking to me as usual .After dinner the light were turned off and I put up a blanket on me and she did the same on herself and I started rubbing her thighs with mine , she started. "The way you walk will be thorny," she said. "I see death in your future."Murphy shrugged. "Death is in everyone's future," he said. The old woman cackled so hard she almost fell off her stool. Murphy eyed her curiously."Murphy," said Shelley, sliding up next to him, "what do you think of Madame Sosostros?" She indicated the old woman. Murphy shrugged."She seems rude," he said. "And frightfully ugly. Aren't the Social Welfare Board supposed to remove such unfortunates?" Nothing else?" said. ’ ‘By the lords you guys need name tags, I thought you were the Bull,’ as I brought my mask over my aurora again. I am sorry Lord Cancer they tell me bull is red and I will protect you guys with my life.’ ‘Yes I am the shinny ruby red bull is a sickly dull blood red.’ We talked and Roger revealed his plan when they found I was only 18 and had all this glow they couldn’t fathom it they were over 400 years old and collectively did or never did have that bright of an aurora which meant pure. "Is there something wrong?" I don't think the Dreamtime needs to be introduced, miss," said a woman towards the front."What do you mean?" For nearly all of us, maybe all of us, the Dreamtime doesn't lie in the past, the Dreamtime is the eternal Now." Aren't there many stories?" Of course. Don't Europeans have many stories? I heard very different ones in school and in church." And you have a different truth," said a young man. "You get truth from books, or from the Internet. My people get truth.

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