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“No I am yours. I am giving myself to you heart andsoul. But not tonight. I have never done this beforeand I still have to go to work tomorrow s... you can fuckmy ass tomorrow night. I mean if my ass soars, I won’tbe able to go to work,” Margot cried.Reinhardt started laughing in a friendly way.“Ok I understand that you think you’ll get sick andyour ass will hurt and your entire body. I’m ok with ushaving anal sex tomorrow night. How about for the wholeweekend.. He reached down quickly and grabbed her hair. He forcefully yanked her and then grabbed her bound hands and placed them behind her back. “Your gonna be my prisoner for the day I think”, he sneered. “You think so huh?” she giggled. He then slapped her across the face and bit her neck hard while thrusting his hips into her and forcefully grabbing her crotch and grinding into her honey box. He then turned her and spanked her several times hard. “You gonna be a good girl now?” he asked. “Mhmm” she. She was thinking, in the shower, that she had someproblems but she didn't know what are the problem are. She dried and gotdressed. She put on the bra and the panty. Then she had a sexy tank topand micro skirt (she has size petite 00). She did her hair and makeup. Shelooked at her high school ID, her name was Annemarie Lombardia. Her Dad isborn in Italy and her Mom is from Alabama (she died with breast cancer whenshe was 3 years old). The school is in Butler, AL, small town, just. ‘Well, my marriage counselor suggested that I keep spicing things up, that it would help to relax my wife and easy her current depression.’ Pointing to one of the illustrations, I said, ‘Whatever it takes, you know. It’s my pleasure.’ She sat down on the bench next to me. She looked like she needed a friend. ‘I don’t know,’ she said, ‘He complains about the way I go down on him so I thought I might read up on it. This looks like the right person for the job. …Whatever it takes, isn’t that what.

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