" For the tenth time in the last month, Rebecca turned me down when I snuggled up to her. We hadn't discussed her lack of sex drive, beyond the fact t...at she didn't have one, and attempts to talk about it led nowhere.Rebecca started to feel less interested in her life shortly after Millicent was born. For a long time I suspected it was jealousy after her insisting we include Winnie in our bed, but apparently that was not it, because Rebecca would play with Winnie and Collen off and on.. I couldn't eat, I could hardly think. I wandered around the empty house and then had an idea – I needed to know more about what to do. There was no Joy Of Sex in those days, no internet, no movies on demand, no way of getting any access to sex material or anything to advise me... except... a thought was forming... except my mate Phil! Phil had found a copy of a sex manual in his parent's cupboard. We'd had a brief look at it once, but his parents had been downstairs and we'd been afraid of. Then the screen cleared before changing again to look like me. Iwasn't happy with my appearance to say the least. While touching thescreen I suddenly saw the image change to what I would like to looklike. Trim waist and muscular body with a full head of hair, but atotally hairless face. Remembering the story of the husband Ithought why not and added something much bigger. I touched thebutton and a door that I swear hadn't been there before suddenlyopened. I entered and touched the button. She straddled me, and I was hard again. Laying on me, her tits crushed against my chest, she slowly rocked back and forth, her wet pussy sliding up and down the length of my hard cock.“Mmm, you feel so good,” she whispered then we kissed. Our tongues gently touched and we moved in a slow grinding motion. I placed my hands on her round ass as she lay on me, rocking slowly, pressing her wet pussy harder against my throbbing cock, giving me excruciating pleasure. We both moaned softly as we kissed.

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