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Alex pulled out of her and Janine stood herself up and turned to face him.Janine looked into his exhausted eyes, “Oh god Alex that was a great fuck, have certainly made this flight interesting” “You really know how to control a man with that pussy, ive never felt anything like it” Alex managed between breaths,“Well let’s just say ive had my fair share of cock, I know how to please, ha ha” Janine laughed as she pulled up her jeans and panties,Alex pulled on his trousers, “lets just hope your. After I’m done I reach into the toilet paper dispenser but its empty. Sighing I make my way back to the shower. ‘ill have to say something about this to Steven?’ I strip off placing my remaining clothes. Its freezing and I feel my nipples harden and my skin breaks out in goosebumps. I reach for the dial activating the shower. stepping back with a gasp as I feel the cold water splash up onto my legs. After waiting a minute, holding myself and shivering, to see if the water will warm. I take a. Nightmare, that you are forgiven." Christine said between mouthfuls."Excuse me? " Doug asked, surprised and confused by the statement."You heard me. You are on my shit list. If you had come to me when this whole thing started instead of hiding it from me, I might have been able to help before it went this far. You put my life in danger and, more importantly, JJ's. I may have to forgive you some day, you are my only brother, but you listen close. If JJ had been seriously hurt, I would never have. ‘Always? Isn’t she there more often?’ She nodded. ‘I’m hungry,’ she said. Dwayne pulled himself together. ‘Come,’ he said. ‘Let’s go to the kitchen.’ He found some food in the freezer and stuck it in the microwave, and he found Rosie some biscuits and made her a glass of orange squash. Then he took his cell phone and called his wife’s number. ‘Hello,’ a male voice said. ‘Valley Hospital.’ Dwayne’s heart skipped a beat. He had to clear his throat twice before he could croak, ‘Is Janet there?’.

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