She didn’t know that Shawn was home so she started taking her clothes off and immediately walked into bathroom to take her bath. As she bent to turn...the faucets she heard foot steps behind her. Nyla turn around and spotted Shawn in the middle of the bathroom, staring at her. ‘Hey baby I didn’t know you were home I didn’t see your car.’ She said walking toward him. The minute she got within arms length of him he took is big hand and slapped her across the face. ‘Don’t act like I don’t what been. His only response was changing breasts, and then she felt his hand slowly trail down her stomach. Moaning she felt her stomach shudder, it was a soft spot of hers whenever somebody touched her there everything shuddered. Chuckling under his breath he ran his hand down her stomach again, then trailed lower. Gasping as he ran his finger slowly down her pussy lips, it felt like bots of electricity where dancing on her skin wherever he touched. His knife slowly trailed down her stomach after his. Everything was perfect as I saw her, she is still love of my live.After some wine we were hammered and she asked me if I wanna go with her into her Sauna which they have in their house. Sure thing, we made out and after a while it was a little too hot so we went to her bedroom. The next 30 minutes I had the best sex of my live. I said her what to do and she followed up with all the dirty stuff which I required. Most girls I know always have issue with something but she did EVERYTHING I wanted.I. I swirled my tongue around his tight asshole before i stuck my tongue in his anus.I think the repairboy could feel himself close to cumming already without ever touching himself, he told me it was first time ever someone's eating his ass! I could feel his big,plumb balls touching my face whilst licking his ass, he was teabagging me now and i was kissing those balls which would provide me my daily protein intake! I was jerking him off with one hand whilst licking his balls and anus. Then i made.

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