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I spanked her right cheek hard, and left my palm resting on it for a minute. She screamed in pain but it felt very joyful too. I started spanking her ...ard and fast, I could feel the vibration traveling down to her toes and up to her neck. The pain was getting very intense but she never asked me to stop. For a while she got quiet as I suddenly heard her crying. I stopped and I looked down at her, and I saw tears streaming down her face into the counter. Something about that sight turned me on. He turns towards the patio. Nneka is now lying face down on the lounger. Is she asleep? As he reaches for a bottle of water, she says in a drowsy voice, “Uche, would you be a sweetheart and put some lotion on my back, please?”“Er … um … yes, of course … I’ll just wash my hands in the kitchen if that’s OK?” When he emerges from the kitchen she is still face down but has unfastened her bikini top so that, from the back, there is nothing covering her above the waist. It’s not like he can see. Only now was it impinging on my brain that my life was now totally transformed and I was not going back! Cross dressing was now not just a pleasant interlude in my life, it was central to my existence and every hour of every day would be spent as a woman! Judy had mentally and physically drained me and I again slumped in my chains and fell asleep. CHAPTER FIVE: MY INDUCTIONI must have been in a very deep sleep when I was rudely awoken by a hard slap across my face. "Wakey wakey dreamboat,". He had been pleasantly surprised she turned out to be such a dedicated and talented student. She took initiative and was never afraid to ask questions or to argue her point of view. She also had a wicked sense of humor. He smiled when he thought of the latest email she’d sent him. She would send him long goofy emails on a weekly basis. The first time he got one he almost pissed his pants he laughed so hard. They were a breath of fresh air from the stodgy formal legal crap he read all day long..

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