“A little bit of both, Jeremy – on the surface, it seems very 70s, but I suspect we may get some leads out of it, I’m waiting before I pass judg...ent. What do you think of the idea?”“Well, you’ll get people’s attention, I guess. Until right now, I didn’t realize how ... beautiful my daughter had gotten.”Caroline said, holding CJ, “Yes she is quite beautiful, Jeremy. It wouldn’t hurt her ego, if you were to tell her that every now and then. She’s been instrumental in helping me get ready to have. . Official Secrets Act. Ok?" Then he broke into a language with lots of gutturals, glottal stops and spitting. Soon they were sitting in the salon with their heads together and their hands flying.Grace and I were forgotten. Which was Ok..."Official Secrets Act?" Grace whispered.I raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders, "Bergqvist?"Neither life had anything like this, Daddy was 4F, worked at Melling Drop Forge at night and lawyered during the day ... or so he said.Or so he said!What the. Rubbing and pushing my hard cock against her ass.......I grabbed her black silky Gstring and moved it to one side....exposing her now wet pussy lips...I pushed her legs further apart...pulled my shorts down and grabbed my hard cock.....I got her to arch her hip and with one hard thrust I pushed my cock deep inside her...I fucked her hard for a little moment...she moaned... I told her to shut up or she will get punished...she reached through her legs and wanted to play with my balls.I stopped. As she did so I could tell that she was becoming excited again and before long she began to ram her arse hard back against Paddys legs seeking more pleasure from his cock. Before his knot deflated and he was able to withdraw Kate experienced a couple more orgasms courtesy of his long cock. When Kate and Paddy had parted David persuaded Kate to lean against the table with her legs wide apart and proceeded to photograph the dirty slut with the dogs white sperm trickling out of her pussy and down.

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