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I swear I could hear him snicker as he walked away. The interruption had brought us back to reality. Without a word I turned off the shower and we si...ently dried ourselves, got presentable and hurried out of the bathroom. I was too embarrassed to say anything, but Carly stopped me before we parted to go our separate ways. "Come to my room later tonight," she said softly, eyes dancing with excitement. Oh, God, I thought I might have an orgasm, right there and then! She turned toward her door. Casually I slung the two items onto the side of the pool. “I always prefer to be naked at moments like this,” I observed, and allowed myself to fall forwards into the path of the water jet, resting my arms against the sides of the pool, and lifting my legs until I was kneeling on the ledge in the same way as Sarah had. Immediately I felt the kiss of the water against my clit, and I let out an involuntary moan of pleasure. “Oh God, that’s good….” I raised my torso out of the water and arched my. I can feel how hard you are, and you push your legs between mine, forcing my legs apart widely, so you can lie between my thighs. We continue to touch and kiss, licking and softly biting each other. I have one arm behind your head, stroking your hair. We are kissing each other and looking into each others eyes. I feel your hand slip down and hoist the fabric of my skirt up, exposing my naked pussy to the world. My legs are still wide apart and you have loads of space to slide your fingers. So I just kneel there and take it, although all I want to do is spit the damn thing out, and wash the overly salty taste of his cock from my mouth.He glides his dick in and out of my throat, I'm not gagging as much now, and he's shoved his whole member into my mouth by then. He has a rythme. He shoves himself all the way in, cutting off my oxygen, and vigourously fucks my throat, then he pulls all the way out, allowing me the breathe, before shoving himself back in.My nose is almost constantly.

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