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In the meantime, do you have anything I might find pleasurable to eat? I've been so busy trying to repair my ship, I completely forgot about food unti... now." I have no idea of what your people consider food but let's check the freezer unit and see if anything looks appealing to you," I replied, offering my hand to assist her to her feet. The flesh of her hand felt warm and silky to my touch and, as I looked at her beautiful face, I felt a stirring in my loins.Watch it, I thought. You don't even. The soldier's hands were going over her tummy and Sylvia had to use her arms to hold herself upright. She was surprised that his hands weren't going to her breasts or vulva. It seemed like for now, he just wanted to hold her in his arms."Can you guess who I am?" he asked Sylvia.Sylvia thought to recognize his voice, but she couldn't place it. Her head was throbbing too much to think clearly. So, she shook with her head, regretting it, the instant she did this. She could feel a sharp pain inside. Her dress was so short that her panties had to be showing. Pretty soon, every time I looked over there, the crowd behind Jeff was getting larger and my wife's knees were getting farther and farther apart.Finally I looked over and my wife had propped her heels on the upper of the two rings that braced the bar stool she was sitting on and I knew she was giving Jeff, and a dozen other guys a show. I walked up behind her and asked if she'd maybe had too much to drink. She said no, she was just. All they knew for sure, was that there were three gang members dead in a hospital room, and that one person was missing. There was an APB out for Sonny.Donny was about to open his second beer of the day when he saw a pickup truck pulling a trailer pull into the parking lot.He said, “Well, there goes the neighborhood.”He reached into the cooler and dug out three more beers knowing Hank and his two sons, Calvin and Vincent, would want some. He set the beers out by the chairs and waited for them.

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