Flicking the ashes in the dog dish, she ordered the dolt to begin jumping jacks, she wanted him energetic, she loved to work him hard, had his day cho...ed up, some legit, some boring, humiliating time fillers. As she looked at his fag body, she could only smirk, his little willy looking like a clit. He was always smooth shaven now, even eye brows gone, he had no hair, so his shriveled dick looked like a babys, this amused Anne to no end, fuck, he was scary tiny, what was the point of having a. She said it isn’t possible and then she too flirted in reply and we went on till night. I visited the place we met on Saturday at same time i.e. 10:30 am, but I couldn’t see her. I texted her and she said I missed her jokingly and kept calling her. After few minutes she answered my call and she asked me to stand outside wankhede stadium, but on opposite side of marine drive kattas (seats). I waited for few minutes there, and there she arrived at about almost 11:00 am.She stopped her car near me. It was firm but not so tight that it did not bounce when she walked. I watched as Amber began to lick up and down John’s shaft. Finally I met John’s eyes and he just smiled at me, that all-knowing smile. He knew how much I enjoyed watching them. We had talked about it on a number of occasions late at night when it was dark in his room. I knew it turned him on to be watched. He motioned me forward and pointed right next to Amber.I understood the message. I got down next to Amber and watched her. Use lots of lube, too. You’ll probably want to start with a finger or two, or a small toy so she’s not as tight when you try to stick your cock in there. It’s probably a good idea if she has an enema before you start, so there’s no nasty stuff in there. Condoms would be a good idea, too.”“Sounds like it takes a lot of preparation,” I said.“It can be painful if she’s not ready,” Becky nodded. “It might be painful anyway. That’s why you should go slow.”“Anything else you can think of?” I.

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