It was so much fun fucking him down like we did and we made some good money off him as well. Do you miss him baby?”Sasha laughs out loud. “Miss hi...? No D*ddy, not even for a minute. He was just a cock and I can get plenty of that whenever I want. And besides my favourite huge cock is right here beside me”. Sasha reaches into her F*ther’s loose boxer shorts and pulls out his fat, semi hard cock. Taking a last drag on her cigarette she drops to her knees and sucks the fat cock into her smoky. .. uh, Cass, I wasn't really afraid of Deke Vito, I just didn't know how you'd take it. I mean I thought that maybe you already..."His voice dropped in confusion."You mean you thought that I already knew," he chuckled, "that I was part of the whole deal."He turned to Laura, "Harry's done us all a tremendous favor, and I think he'll find that I'm able to show my appreciation. Well, let me continue, I'll try to make the whole thing a little shorter. It seems that over and above what I was paying. " Surely your parents wondered about the decision for you to become afemale model?" Yes, at first. Mom didn't want me to do it, she was afraid it wouldruin my life. Dad was also opposed to it but after we signed the firstcontract with Lush Cosmetics they agreed to let me be a girl for thephoto shoots but be a boy the rest of the time. I was fine with thatbecause I really liked being a boy. My life changed after my father wasin an accident and was in a coma and lost his memory. When he woke. I like Marlene a lot, but I couldn't help it. I had to keep quiet for Ron's sake."And then the story came out. Ron's boss Harry was at the party and he took one look at Marlene and said, "Anybody that looks that slutty has got to be one hell of a great piece of ass. Before the nights over I'm going to nail her."Ron tried to tell Harry that Marlene wasn't that way, but his boss said, "Before the night is over she will be." Ron was afraid to buck his boss because it could have cost him his job so.

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