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Fir 10 mint ke baad maine Gauri ko khada kiya aur uske kapde utar diye aur use nanga kar diya mai neri behan ke nange badan ko ghur raha tha to Gauri ...oli bhaiyya eise mat dekho na mujhe sharm aane lagegi…fir maine meri behan ke dono boobs par haath rakha aur nipples press karne laga…aur ke muh se ahhhh….Uuffffffff aaaaaaaaaaaaa……..Siskiya nikalne lagi…to maine uske hotho par apne hoth rakh diye aur uski kiss lene laga….Fir maine apne haath meri behan ki gaand par rakhe…aur uski narm mulayam. .i..can” she muttered.I climbed on to the bed and was in doggy style with my ass projected up. Mom took a moment before she touched my ass cheeks and spread them. Then I felt the butt plug hitting my ass, it was noting going in easily and it pained. I asked mom if she could use something to lubricate it and she thought for a moment and then she opened her mouth and put the butt plug in her mouth.When I looked at her, she was sucking the butt plug like a pro “What? You want to lubricate it and I. It was beginning to look like the owners were not home anyway and poor Polly was just being uncoupled from the first Great Dane only to be a flexible bitch for the other huge dog just waiting his turn like an eager customer waiting his turn on the pretty young girl in uniform ass-hump game.Fiona knew she had to do something to help her friend, so she threw a couple of boxes of the cookies into the yard to distract the dogs and when it worked with great success, she ran in and scooped up the. We ended up sharing the cum as well as more cigarettes, more rum, and, surprisingly, some weed that she had. She was fascinated with my bi-sexuality and asked lots of questions about my cock sucking. Another of her fantasies was to have a threesome with a bi-guy, her, and her hubby. I agreed that this was a fantasy of mine, too, and we agreed that someday we'd have to hook up for this. I'd be happy to suck a cock with her! We drank and smoked some more. I was really buzzing and we did all.

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