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***** It was late in the evening when they were finally done. ‘Why don’t you clean up too before you go?’ Janice asked Edward. ‘No, my jeans ...lready have paint all over them. No point cleaning up if I’m to go home wearing them.’ Edward dressed while he waited for Dara to finish cleaning himself. ‘Make sure you put some papers on your car seat so you don’t get paint all over it on your drive home.’ ‘Good thinking.’ he said, helping himself to some of the clean sheets of paper still sitting on. I'm not some kind of sex object you can pass around to all your friends and family. I'm not just a big hard dick looking for a pussy."Marcie lifted her slimy face from her mother's gaping slit and said, "Oh, Daddy. We all know what you are." Oh? And what is that, my darling daughter?" Just a big hard dick looking for a pussy." She dissolved in laughter at the phony pained look I attempted. "Go ahead and take your clothes off, Mrs. Smith, if you would really like to fuck my father. I know he. He stretched out his arms. Yevgeni whispered in his ear, “Did you miss my big Russian cock?”“You know I did,” the girlyboi answered.“It missed your juicy ass, Taurus!”“Thank you!”“Pour ‘papochka’ a drink,” he stated call himself ’daddy’ in his native tongue. Yevgeni sat on the futon and pulled off his charcoal-colored Rieker boots. He watched his femboi fix his beverage. Taurus returned with a red plastic cup filled with Smirnoff vodka and ginger ale.“Don’t make me drink alone,” Yevgeni. He is a very passionate kisser. He was very aggressive tonight. He didn’t give me a chance to breathe properly and kept on sucking and kissing my lips. He inserted his tongue in my mouth and played with my tongue and my inner mouth. His hands were caressing my bare back and my ass over my sari. He was pressing my ass really hard and squeezing them. I could sense eagerness by his actions. I was feeling his hardness against my thighs also.He pushed me over the bed, with my face downwards. He came.

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