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Or completely alone. A few feet away there's a strange glow emanating from what seems like space itself. 'Strange,' I think to myself. I study this ot...erworldly light and begin to realize that it's not space it's emanating from, but a smoky void.A figure begins to define itself in the smoke and I gasp at the sight. It's a woman! Yet I quickly realize that this is no ordinary woman. She has bright red skin, deep yellow eyes, seductive full lips, ample breasts covered by a tight black corset,. .. a feeling. All my sisters had boys first, same with yourfather's sister. Heck, you're the only girl out of all your first-borncousins. I'd never really thought about that before... it's weird." VERY weird," I said. I was getting the sense there was more to thissudden gender reassignment than I'd previously believed. Whatever causedthis reboot went all the way back to when I was in the womb and changedme then."But we got a girl, and we're very happy with our Alana," she said."Now, I can't. There he carried out a well executed seduction. I was more than a bit reluctant, but I was in love with him, so eventually his gentle persistence won me over. He was kind, sweet, romantic, gentle, and persistent and respectful of my feelings and eventually my resistance fell away. I couldn't resist anymore.He had mentioned to me a few times that he had an urge to make love to me, but that he respected my feelings enough not to pursue it. I had felt the urge too, but I had always managed not to. "Shit, Staci, you know as well as I do that she wouldn't have ever brought it up and it would have bothered her and poisoned their relationship until he did dump her from the tension alone. God, you act like she needs to be so protected sometimes." When she tells you something in confidence, she does," retorted Staci hotly, "Now you've got Jack concerned that Denise is worried about losing him so he's either going to overreact and be too attentive, which will ruin things for them when he gets.

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