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Rachel struggled to concentrate the sensation of a hand inside her private place almost unbelievable. The embarrassment was overwhelming the woman up into her wide eyes twisting her fingers seeing Rachel's faces contort her lips purse and nip.Rachel didn't want to add to their enjoyment but she couldn't stop herself grunting and groaning. The nurses listening for the highest most indignant noises to decide where to press and twist the most.Rachel spat in disgust at the nurse, she in. I love being with other women as well as men. I've fucked people I didn't know or wouldn't even recognize again. I've done it in public, and in groups, and even used the missionary position once in a while. I admit it -- I'm a slut, and I like it!"Hands on hips, I stood in front of Mom and stared at her. "But that doesn't make me a bad person, Mom. I'm still the same daughter you had, and I still love you and Daddy just as much as ever. But I'm not going to hide the way I feel, like Peter did.". And while the few men I've let touch them hardly seemed to notice, I remain very self-conscious about it. On the other hand, I fill out the standard black cocktail dress as well as the next girl, as long as she's not Brooklyn Decker, or one of her peers.I will admit that prior to discovering Edgar Prince's erotica I had begun drinking a little too much while bar hopping of a weekend, which I attribute to what I'll call my missing something but not knowing exactly what it was period.Did I. Shocking Connor by swallowing his entire load of semen and seeming to savor it like a fine confection, Kara finally stood up, wrapped her arms firmly around his neck, and kissed him full on the mouth before he realized what was happening. Appalled initially at kissing sperm-coated lips, Connor wanted to pull away at first. But his brain caught up to his emotions before he did that.Connor realized that this was his own sperm, after all; and Kara had not only taken it into her mouth; she had.

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