Are you o- His voice faded out as his eyes moved down to my exposed pussy, the pink dildo springing back to life in my hand. My face turned beet red....Hed fucking seen me naked. For Christs sake, hed fucked me. So why was him seeing me like this so anxiety inducing? Both of us were frozen in place, his hand on the doorknob, mine holding a cartoonish pink penis in my hand. Get out! I screamed, throwing the bottle of lube at him. It him him square in the eye. Ah! The bottle tumbled to the. That will allow you to open up. "That advise made no sense to me. Instead I felt my ass start to clench. SMACK! I felt Brandon's heavy hand land on my ass cheek. "Reach back and pull those ass cheeks apart for your Master."I obeyed. As I spread my ass cheeks I felt a cold liquid being dripped onto my ass. Then I felt Brandon place the head of his cock at the opening of my ass bud. He pushed. I clenched. SMACK. I squirmed under the slap and suddenly the head of his cock slipped past my bud and. I do so because it underscores the fact that the impulses that manifested themselves in my main story were already affecting me at an early age.I've always been thrilled by simply being nude, but I guess there has always been that extra element that made my nudity seem more enticing when I was also exposing myself to others. For example, I remember as a kid of eleven and twelve and then even older, having a male cousin sleep over from time to time. I was a compulsive nudist in my room during. Hell, I was proud of the fact that I'd made it all the way through class.Rushing home as fast as I could soon had me running. I suddenly realized my heart was pounding. When I was only half way home my lungs felt like they were on fire and my veins were pumping pig iron, but I still didn't slow down. When I got to my room I was out of breath. I kicked off my shoes and turned on my computer before collapsing on my bed. Mommy wouldn't be home for at least two hours and that was good.Unsnapping my.

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