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My God, ssssoooo tight!' I pull completely out of her.Then with the head barely touching her lips again, I drive my hips forward using all of my weigh.... For a brief, her lips resisted, and then split to allow the hard thick instrument enter her, slamming through her tight vaginal canal and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the first thrust. Young virgins are not meant to be deflowered or stretched like this, so I wasn’t surprised at all when her whole body jerked in response to the white. Soon he was back down between her legs…spreading her pussy lips. Seeing that wetness made him hungry…he moaned a little as his tongue tasted her sweet juices. Letting his fingers find their way inside her, he began to finger fuck her gently while he licked her clit and the area around it with his tongue. He knew she was about to cum, when she started moaning and mumbling his name and telling him how good it felt. She begged him not to stop, he assured her he had no intentions of doing so! She. He had cut or burned the clitoris off quite a few slave girls in the past; some, like Lila, were playthings, from the beginning destined to be snuffed at the Sheik's pleasure, others were regular slave girls who, for one reason or another, had displeased Al-Mansour and were now to be de-clitted prior to their long and torturous demise. Most of them, naturally, cried in terror, begged for mercy, for their freedom, to be spared the mutilation or, at least to be given some anesthetic. Some, the. I squeezed him a little to see his reaction. He murmured and sort of moaned and I felt so happy for him that he had at last adjusted his mind-set, to forget what mum said and enjoy the moment. For a while I simply enjoyed the feel of him, gently teasing all the time and underneath too, bunching them gently in my cupped hand whilst I gently massaged him with the other. ‘I love the way you do that Pat,’ he murmured with eyes half closed, his face plum red, his breathing deeper. ‘The perhaps you.

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