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I slowly took her boobs in my arms and sucked her boobs like never before and she could not stop moaning aaahhhh don’t leave them keep sucking them suck them aahhhh. I made her cum by just sucking her boobs after 20 minutes of sucking her boobs. I just took a break for breathing and she was still closing her eyes after sometime.She opened her eyes and gave a smile and said you made me cum by just sucking my boobs and kissed on my forehead while I was taking my breath she was watching my. We kissed deeply and I asked his to take me to bed and make love to me. We went to bed and kissed several times, sharing tongues and licking lips till we were ready to 69 again. Later, I had him fuck my mouth while he sucked my cock. After several enjoyable minutes, I slipped my arms up between his legs, and used my hands to grab the cheeks of his ass. I let my mouth leave his cock, and slid them down the cock shaft to his balls, and kissed and mouthed them. Then I slid my tongue and mouth. The sexy blonde student stood with her feet eighteen inches apart, leaning forward with her hands on the desk and offering her ass to the man who would be turning it a bright red with his belt. That man was ready too, standing with his feet apart and the belt buckle clenched in his right hand and some of the leather wrapped around it."I have told you over and over to stop being so naughty!" he exclaimed, followed by drawing back his arm and preparing to swing the instrument of punishment. He really had been using it to get girls, and get revenge on other guysby turning them into girls... and he'd done it to me!Mouth agape, I stared down at Jesse West's very female body. As I satup in the bed, pushing aside the white, flowery sheets, I watched as mychest jiggled slightly in the tight pink push up bra I wore on myshapely chest and unbelievingly ran my hands down my soft, smooth, welldefined stomach stopping just above the matching pink bikini stylepanties that covered my crotch. I.

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